Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Evening at Sea”

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky Evening at Sea

For most of his life, I. K. Aivazovsky was a marine painter; wrote the sea. In the early period of creativity, his paintings are filled with dynamism, external effects, and romantic elation. For all his life, he did not change these preferences, but over time, storms, a storm, shipwrecks disappear from the paintings and reality appears.

The painting “Evening at Sea”, created in 1871, is a typical seascape of the artist’s mature period. He has already moved away from storms and storms. The sea in the picture is more realistic. It is completely calm, the waves are barely visible incident on the shore. People are not afraid to swim in it – you can see the head of the bather near the shore.

The picture makes a double impression. On the one hand – the boundless water surface, which does not end on the horizon. A sailboat about to go. On the other hand, in the picture there is a certain intimacy, isolation. The composition is limited on all sides. On the one hand – by the shores, on the other hand – by clouds, coagulated on the horizon. The viewer’s view can not escape beyond the limited space, written by the artist, and to fully feel the endless sea space. The artist achieves a calm contemplation of a small piece of the sea, slightly lit by the rays of the setting sun.

This genre scene is typical for mature Aivazovsky. It depicts the image of the sea, known to everyone – it is calm, majestic and beautiful. Somewhere in the distance, anything can happen, even though a storm, given the clouds in the distance. Here and now – everything is calm.

On this canvas, you can fully appreciate the realistic work of Aivazovsky. There are no drama or colorful effects. Light colors prevail – silver, gray, slightly bluish. Realism in this picture is combined with romance.

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