Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Sunset over Ischia”

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky Sunset over Ischia

Creativity Aivazovsky for many years, delighted with a variety of people belonging to different social strata, different ages. He was born, grew, lived on the seashore. Therefore, his love for sea creativity is quite understandable.

The works of this artist are often attracted by the fact that the viewer begins to hear the sound of sea waves, the rocks falling in them, the thunder and the crack of lightning. So really he managed to write the sea. Someone considered the work of Aivazovsky too pathetic, not perceiving such a noisy and bright form of expression of feelings.

The canvas “Sunset over Ischia” differs opposite serenity and pacification, you can look at it endlessly, like a real sunset. Almost in the center of the picture is a sailing raft, another one is seen in the distance in the sea fog.

The third sailboat is seen in the distance itself, it is small, but it is written as if it is lit from sunset. The fog as if envelops everything around before night falls. But while the sea waves are illuminated by the sun that has not yet hidden behind the island. Golden sunlight gently merges with shades of blue sky, adding gold to the clouds. The sea in the picture is surprisingly calm, and in the rays of the sunset it seems golden at all.

All the works of the artist cause contemplators sincere strong feelings and vivid experiences. Only he could make a person experience a multitude of emotions just by looking at the seascape. And these emotions are often completely sincere and immediate.

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