Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Coast in Amalfi”

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky Coast in Amalfi

Ivan Aivazovsky is known primarily as an unsurpassed master of the sea landscape. Even if he painted plot pictures – they were only a pretext for the image of the sea, sea waves. Nevertheless, the pictures of sea battles written by him to this day are considered to be the annals of the victories of the Russian Navy. But all the same artist glorified landscapes. Interest in the works of the artist does not dry up to this day – of all the artists who lived in Russia, his works are most highly valued at auctions and sold at record high prices.

The painting “The Coast in Amalfi” is written in the “Italian” period of the artist. Traveling in Italy, Aivazovsky created about fifty works – for him it was an incredibly fruitful time. In contrast to the pictures of the turbulent, raging, indignant sea, the most typical of the author, the “Italian” period is characterized mainly by images of the calm, affectionate, quiet sea; complete calm also reigns in this picture.

The landscape is striking serenity, tranquility; a man in a boat in the foreground swims to the shore, returning home to a coastal settlement. But even the spray from the submersible oars do not violate the smooth surface of turquoise water. Unhurried, relaxed movements of the boatman create a feeling of harmony of the person with the outside world.

A settlement is located on the rocky coast; it is now illuminated by the golden sunset light. The cliffs and walls of houses are traced in detail; the distant sky glows with all shades of pink and gold. The feeling of warmth and evening bliss is spread in the air; the heat of the day has passed, and nothing prevents to enjoy the beautiful picture of nature. The Amalfi Coast is a small resort town, drowned in flowers and greenery; orange orchards terraces descend to the sea itself, and the narrow streets lead up. The artist managed to convey the local flavor absolutely for sure.

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