Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky “Ice Mountains in Antarctica”

Description of the painting by Ivan Aivazovsky Ice Mountains in Antarctica

The picture of the world-famous marine painter I. Aivazovsky was painted in 1870 and combines the undoubted artistic merit with cognitive value.

The work was created to perpetuate the achievement of the Russian navigators Bellingshausen and Lazarev, who discovered Antarctica during their expedition. In that era, the achievement of this kind was simply a tremendous step forward for mankind and could be compared only with the first flight into space. In the year of the painting of this significant geographical discovery was performed exactly 50 years.

The work “Ice Mountains in Antarctica” was written on the basis of the memories of Admiral Lazarev, who was one of the first to see a new continent on the South Plus. Despite the fact that Aivazovsky never saw this place with his own eyes, he managed to accurately convey the look and atmosphere of Antarctica.

In the picture we see a ship under the Russian flag, standing off the coast of the newly opened land and surrounded by giant ice blocks. The cold waters of the bay are calm, and the night sky reflects a whole palette of colors. There was a place for white, lilac, shades of green – combining, these colors create the effect of coldness, grandeur and mystery.

The cold beauty of the newly discovered land looks attractive and surprisingly harmonious: below the watery surface, swinging the pioneers’ ship on light waves, the night sky from above with clouds floating along it, clearly visible stone blocks protruding from the water, and an iceberg mysteriously flickering around the water. And it seems that the only ship looks alien and alone in the unique natural harmony. Careful selection of colors and the artist’s attention to detail make this picture extremely accurate and realistic.

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