Monument to the book in St. Petersburg

Monument to the book in St. Petersburg

When we hear the word “monument”, more often we associate it with a sculptural group, with the expression of certain human feelings and emotions. But there is a thing in the world that has more than one monument by right. This is a book! Not electronic, but real, with a cover and sheets, such as it appeared a hundred years ago. Such monuments can be seen in Omsk, Barnaul, Khimki, Angarsk.

Why does the usual object is honored so many times? The book is perceived by us as more than a subject. This is the result of labor and human development. The book is the driving force of society, thanks to it, there is progress. Any thought born in the heads of poets, writers and philosophers is simultaneously made accessible to everyone, providing creative assimilation, processing of information, the ability to improvise and visualize. The book has long ceased to be a common subject, it became a cult, a cultural object. Progress and electronic communications will not be able to compete with the paper version, because the process of reading is so deep and sacred that it is impossible to forget the first feeling of it.

In 2002, St. Petersburg opened its own “Opened Book” thanks to project author Evelina Solovieva and Oleg Romanov. The place for the monument was chosen symbolic, next to the University, located on the embankment of the Neva, where a lot is connected with A. S. Pushkin. The book is not accidentally open, it is like an invitation to dialogue. On the opened page there is an excerpt from A. S. Pushkin’s poem The Bronze Horseman.

The book is located without a pedestal, which makes it close and accessible. The monument is made of granite, a highly durable material. The choice in favor of the stone was not made by chance, the weather conditions of St. Petersburg are peculiar, and the properties of granite are so exceptional that the monument will delight the citizens and guests of the city for at least 500 years!

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