Description of the painting by Vladimir Borovikovsky “Portrait of Lopukhina”

Description of the painting by Vladimir Borovikovsky Portrait of Lopukhina

Undoubtedly, Vladimir Lukich Borovikovsky, very talented and judging by his robots, is quite a diligent artist, after all, all his lines, contours, and textures have been perfected. There is not even a hint of unfinished work.

Many art critics believe that it was from the portrait of Lopukhina that the era of portrait painters began in Russia. What can I say looking at this picture? The very first thing we see, and what actually comes to mind, is that this image is fascinating.

Many say that the portrait of Gioconda, who painted the great Leonardo Da Vinci, has some similarities with each other. Mysterious undisclosed mysticism, barely perceptible smile, eyes, as if not drawn, but really, as if they were alive and constantly looking right at you. The young beauty in the portrait is striking in its spontaneity and mysterious charm.

The artist most perfectly revealed in this portrait, all the best side of the girl. It should be noted that in addition to some intimacy from some side, at that very moment the artist managed to fully reveal her soul.

The soul of the one with whom this portrait was painted, and directly the “soul” of the portrait itself. Looking at this picture, you are surrounded by a whirlpool of opposing feelings and emotions, it is quite possible that at first you may think that this girl’s view is fixated on you, and even slightly aristocratic arrogant. But after a minute, it may seem to you that in fact her gaze, even childishly naive, pure and transparent.

It is not clear, toli is in fact the merit of the artist, in his unsurpassed work with a brush, the toli girl had a rather expressive and textured face. But a little later it becomes clear that the artist has achieved this effect thanks to a very interesting technology; he painted a portrait surrounded by objects that can characterize the character.

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