Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin “Self-portrait”

Description of the painting by Ivan Shishkin Self portrait

Self-portrait Shishkin wrote more than once. The younger work of the artist dates back to 1854. At the time when the first portrait of himself was painted, young Shukshin, being a student of the Moscow School of Architecture, Painting and Sculpture. At that time, he, full of success and in anticipation of fame, presented his portrait to the public.

After 32 years, in 1886, Shishkin painted himself again. With the only difference that now he was not an ordinary student with his ambitions, shyness and thirst to take his place in this world, but a famous landscape painter. In addition, at that time, when Shishkin painted his second portrait, he was an academician. This title is an artistic talented author received twenty years before writing a picture.

His self-portrait in 1886, the artist decided to draw due to, to tell publicly about yourself. An interesting point: he painted himself at the very moment of his life, when he managed to fully understand the tragic situation. Now, after all the events that took place in his life, Shishkin prayed more and did not chase hopes or his personal happiness. He didn’t need any of this.

Therefore, he decided to portray himself in everyday, unremarkable clothes. The portrait shows that this is a man, behind whose shoulders is not the most successful life. Experience and bitterness of loss are read in the eyes. For this reason, the author’s view is penetrating and deep. It seems that he knows everything about everyone. The outline of the author’s mouth is hidden from curious human eyes behind a wide beard.

As this critique’s self-portrait was appreciated, Shukshin drew himself with a thoughtful and intent look. Here you can see the manner of looking into the beauty and penetrating into the very depths of the human soul and thoughts. On the other hand, the portrait is trying to win over and give peace to the person.

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