Description of the painting by Anthony Van Dyck “Family Portrait”

Description of the painting by Anthony Van Dyck Family Portrait

This picture is one of the brightest in the works of the painter. But she harbors a mystery. It is difficult enough to resist the charm of this wonderful portrait. His power is really intriguing. It helps to awaken the imagination, the desire to speculate characters. The viewer wants to come up with a story about the life of this family.

The longer we look at these faces, the harder it is to understand their expressions. In them, a shadow appears quite visibly, which is inexplicable. But this is the factual side of things, not the picturesque one.

We want, by all means, to find out who is in front of us. We seek to understand this man with a face of pale shade and a look expressing gentleness. He leaned against the back of a luxurious leather chair.

The image created by Van Dyck is surprising. The artist was able to show that a person is imbued with happiness. But it is precisely this that implies printing. Somewhere in

the depths lies anxiety, a premonition of trouble, which may well happen very soon. It feels like trouble is hanging over fragile happiness. A man seeks to protect her child and wife. He is going to take the whole blow only on himself.

This love drama is really impressive. The child and the woman are secondary characters. The center of the portrait is a man. If the viewer is very attentive, he will even be able to see that his figure is highlighted even in composition. It is written as if in another space. Of course, it has contact with the one in which the other two characters of the painting are written, but its existence is completely isolated.

If we were given to know who is in front of us, we could find out whether the artist could have foreseen the danger that, like a black spot, hung over this family. Or maybe he, like many portrait painters, in vain attributed to this father of the family false fears.

In the portrait, you can feel the sad look of the artist, who from the outside observed the state of the soul of his characters. In this creation reflected the split soul of the painter. She pursued him throughout his life.

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Description of the painting by Anthony Van Dyck “Family Portrait”