Description of the painting by Ilya Repin “Portrait of Turgenev”

Description of the painting by Ilya Repin Portrait of Turgenev

It is no coincidence that portrait is the most complex genre. The task of the painter is not as simple as it may first seem. It is necessary not only to accurately convey facial features and a lot of other important details. It is necessary that the creation become a true masterpiece. A portrait becomes it only if you look at the picture when you feel the maximum vitality of its hero.

Such a rare talent and had Repin. He was able to convey the feelings of man, his soul and the slightest sensations.

The portrait of Turgenev in this sense is truly unique. Its main feature is the predominance of dark tones. This suggests that we have a person with a very serious character.

First of all, viewers pay attention to the face of the writer. In his eyes you can read an incredible calm. They are full of sadness, absolute confidence and special sadness. On the open forehead, you can notice the characteristic wrinkles. They say that the writer thinks a lot and intensely.

The addition of this bright image becomes a beard. She tells us that Turgenev is already at a rather advanced age. Before us is a very wise and incredibly well-read man.

Repin depicts Turgenev sitting in a chair. He looks at us half a turn, but at the same time the attractiveness of his eyes does not become less.

If we begin to carefully examine the portrait, we will be able to notice that the writer has glasses in his hands. It is quite natural that a long work has affected the vision of the writer. This item is very important. The artist manages to unobtrusively emphasize this man’s great love for work.

Before us is not just a real masterpiece. This is a small drop of interesting stories. We manage to imagine what a famous writer looked like. You can look at these wise eyes forever. As a result, you will involuntarily begin to reflect on the difficult life path that every person has to go through.

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