Description of the painting by Nicholas Ge “Messengers of the Resurrection”

Description of the painting by Nicholas Ge Messengers of the Resurrection

Nikolai Ge loved to paint religious canvases. He also painted portraits and historical paintings. I even tried myself in the role of a sculptor and at the same time the success was quite good. From childhood he was interested in painting and made small sketches.

The artist began to create the famous painting “Messengers of Resurrection” after the success in St. Petersburg. His work causes positive cheers, and the exhibition gathers many admirers of his talent. After returning to Florence, the author begins to draw an interesting canvas.

He wants to convey the moment of the resurrection of Christ. The picture is literally divided into two distinct parts. In the upper corner, a woman wanders across the hard earth, directing her prayer upwards. She is in a hurry to inform everyone that Jesus has risen, this news will give strength to all fallen Christians. Her rags develop in the wind, but she does not feel the chill.

Magdalene proudly drags her legs, despite scornful looks and bad whispers. She seems to want to rise above the earth, turning into a bird with wings. But dangling fabrics develop behind their backs and they will not help to rise to the heavens at all.

The girl is sure that her soul is already flying in the clouds, faith betrays her strength.

In the lower corner of the canvas are pagans. They crucified the faith of Christians in the face of Jesus. Men stood under the cross and looked at the painful suffering of Christ. Their peaks were aimed at the flesh, they smirked. Now the enemies are whispering, realizing that their faith will fall. It is impossible to ignore the resurrection, which means that they were on the side of darkness. They see a proud woman carrying the good news.

Here are just critics of this work of Nicholas Ge was not understood. Someone even compared the girl with a magpie. People were whispering at the canvas, like guards in the shadows. The author understood that this disapproval leads to failure.

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