Description of the painting by Nicholas Feshin “Lady in Pink”

Description of the painting by Nicholas Feshin Lady in Pink

Nikolai Ivanovich was a very famous artist in Russia and the United States. Most of his paintings belong to Art Nouveau and impressionism style. He studied at the Academy of Arts, where he closely communicated with I. Ye. Repin.

He glorified his name in 1908, when he acquainted the public with the painting “Lady in Pink”. In another way, this picture is also called “Portrait of an Unknown.” The artist chose to leave the model name in suspense.

Later, the artist admitted that, in fact, it was a study and, he was slightly surprised by the gold medal, which he was awarded in Munich for a high-quality picture. The artist coped in record time – he painted the canvas in a few days. At the same time, he could paint some pictures for years.

Feshin used all his skills accumulated over many years in order to accurately convey the features of the young beauty. The viewer, at first glance, it may seem that the artist is so carried away with the work with the person and completely forgot about the background and the dress of the model. But in fact, this is not the case; with this abstraction, Nikolay Ivanovich only wanted to emphasize the individuality and the natural beauty of a woman in lilac decoration.

As an etude, the artist decided to use a painted canvas to somehow complicate the play of shadows in the picture. As a result, he painted a portrait with delicate shades and an unusual play of shadows, which emphasizes the ideal features of the model, illuminating it, and filling it with life.

The model clearly belonged to the aristocratic family, as evidenced by its rich decoration, several rings on one hand and a no less expensive handbag. Yes, and the posture itself “gives out” belonging to the aristocracy – the girl perfectly holds the posture and proudly lifts her head.

At the moment the picture is kept in the State Russian Museum (he bought it immediately after the first presentation in 1908).

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