Description of the painting by Paul Cézanne “Mount St. Victoria” (Mount St. Victoire)

Description of the painting by Paul Cézanne Mount St. Victoria (Mount St. Victoire)

This artist can be compared with Japanese painters, who could paint their life from time to time one of the most famous mountains in the world – Fujiyama. In Japan, there are quite a lot of artists and photographers who gave their whole lives to display this sacred mountain for the Japanese. They paint it, and it is never the same. There is even such an artist who has been writing a mountain all his life from only one point and for all this time there is not a single repeating picture. So the same thing with Cezanne.

The fact is that Paul Cezanne was born in these places, in the city of Essex, and therefore, learning to hold the brush in his hands, he sketched the only attraction of the town – Mount St. Victoria. And he did it all his life. Therefore, among his works one can often see an image of the same terrain and the same mountain, from different points and heights. But, truth, he did it in practically different styles.

This allowed him to do his masterful brush and pencil mastery. In this canvas, the mountain is depicted at the beginning of autumn, just a lot of golden yellow around, and this is most likely autumn. Let’s pay attention to the way he depicts a mountain: soft smooth lines. There are no abrupt transitions, but everything is somehow smooth and elegant.

Rough look at home, they are somehow firmly rectangular too emphasized. The author also gives us to understand that the action takes place, most likely, before sunset, because of the shadows from the trees and from the houses, and therefore a completely different lighting of the mountain. But at the same time everything is in soft golden-green tones and therefore nothing alarming – one positive feeling – peace. And a peace that appeases, which inspires positive thinking. On the canvas there is not that special autumn melancholy, which means that Cezanne was then thinking about something good. After all, they say the same, the artist writes only what he thinks about.

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