Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne “Girl at the piano”

Description of the painting by Paul Cezanne Girl at the piano

The first thing that catches the eye of the viewer who is watching this picture is the fact that the whole picture is made with a fairly wide brush stroke. You can also see that the picture is made in bright colors, and most likely it was done on purpose.

The figures have complete completeness, so that the whole canvas looks quite holistic and has a logical explanation. Despite the lack of sharpness of light, the girl at the piano looks very bright and made with the great force of the artist. The piano is written quite genuinely, and looks very natural and organic, against the background of the whole picture.

The whole picture as if breathes tranquility and tranquility, looking at it does not experience any wild energy, despite all the skill of writing a picture that the master has put into the canvas. The whole composition is built quite balanced and even the fact that a woman, sitting on a sofa, knits, evokes a certain sadness and sadness. Returning a little to the history of writing a picture, it is safe to say that this picture was the last for Cezanne, with whom he finished a number of portraits and various family scenes.

Despite the fact that there are two persons in the picture, the attentive viewer may notice that the chair standing in the corner and the chair, which stands back to the viewer, are empty and cast loneliness on the whole space. Pastel colors and household patterns make the picture as comfortable and pleasant as possible, even somewhere “at home”.

It is also necessary to add that this picture was preceded by another 2 other options that were irretrievably lost, but nevertheless, the artist worked until that version of the painting, which is now in the Hermitage, turned out to please the eyes of many viewers.

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