Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso “Dream”

Description of the painting by Pablo Picasso Dream

The famous painting by the great artist Pablo Picasso “The Dream” was written in the period of surrealism in 1932. On the canvas depicts a portrait of Maria Theresa Walter. This favorite woman of Picasso, to whom he dedicated many of his paintings. The picture is bright and colorful, the rounded shapes of Maria Theresa are emphasized with particular subtlety and tenderness.

The artist never wrote to any woman like that. He admired his muse, which inspired him to great feats. This woman is only 22 years old, but she firmly entered the life of the master, having won his heart. It is not for nothing that he uses bright colors: red is the color of passion, green is the color of calm and peace, yellow is the color of harmony in relationships, White is the color of hope, blue is the color of love and expectation of a miracle.

A woman’s hands are gently folded on her stomach, this underlines the fact that she is waiting for the long-awaited baby. Her face shows complete harmony and bliss, but the black lines are not in vain, because not everything in our lives is not as easy and smooth as we would like, even with such a gentle and romantic person.

“Dream” or “Dream” (the second name of the picture) is the most famous story from the love period, when the master wrote many similar pictures on this subject. The love story is both romantic and tragic, the author has transferred his state to the canvas. The artist painted a portrait in just one day, he worked in his beloved castle in Paris in 1930, which he bought for his dear woman. For several years, there were painted many canvases dedicated to Maria Theresa. Marie-Terese bore him an illegitimate daughter, whom he later also depicted on his canvases.

Picasso painting is one of the most expensive paintings in the world. Now the canvas is from a private owner, who bought it for $ 115 million. This is the most expensive assessment of the product, for all the time of its existence.

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