Description of the painting by Fyodor Vasilyev “View of the Volga. Barks “

Description of the painting by Fyodor Vasilyev View of the Volga. Barks

Volga. The most beautiful and widest river in Europe. The most powerful in all parameters that you can think of. The most… There are no words to describe it somehow. It’s all clear.

This river has appeared on the canvases of Russian painters so many times that it seems that it is very familiar to us. And no! This river is different, it has character. And for those who do not have a boat, there is nothing to do next to it. Yes, even if there is a boat, it is necessary to agree with the Volga. And if you don’t agree, you won’t get a rich catch from it, or it could be a disaster with a boat.

And in fact, the Volga has always been a river-breadwinner. For all. And for the rich it was the basis of the state, and for the poor it was the basis for survival. That’s just on the canvas just the poor and depicted.

Barki, most likely, someone richer and they are given in their clubbing. It helps to survive. A team of poor people is going to come, as a rule, these are relatives. And at that time, while the river is not frozen, they are hired for service. All summer until late autumn. And so from spring to autumn they earn their living.

Fish or what goods will be brought along the river and in the evening they will land at the shore, for the night. Yes, and the rest would not hurt… cook dinner, arrange their own sleeping places. For reliability, the barks will bind with each other and tie tightly on the shore. This is also salvation from the river. After all, the river is like a living organism, there are ebbs and flows. So it was safer to moor successfully and strengthened better. Yes, and people everywhere dashing goes, could barge on the alloy to steal. And it will be very bad: and you will not earn anything, and you will have to pay for the barge – no one wanted to go into bondage to the servants.

But how marvelous and beautiful the artist depicted the sunset. How juicy is the sky. It is blue in places, and powerful clouds are already running through it. In the quiet waters of the Volga, the sky is reflected ghostly, and the coast of the steppe attracts with its yellowness. Bright work, good work.

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