Description of the painting by Fyodor Vasilyev “Swamp in the forest”

Description of the painting by Fyodor Vasilyev Swamp in the forest

The painting “Swamp in the Forest” was painted by Russian artist Vasiliev from 1871 to 1873. For the basis of its plot, the author chose a swamp in the forest more often during reproduction, which is surrounded by motley-colored autumn trees against the background of an overcast sky. Compared with other works of Vasiliev, this looks like an unfinished canvas.

It can be assumed that the artist, if desired, slightly dilute the colorfulness of a number of previous canvases, emphasized in the work with clear strokes the glow of warm autumnal shades. A pair of white herons, located in the foreground, gives the canvas a natural revival. In order to give brightness to this autumn landscape, conveying the sad mood of nature, the author, as usual, wrote the sky in the style of thunder clouds, which only emphasizes its contrast with the faded trees and grass, which are very brightly lit. A small birch grove near Vasiliev is only slightly outlined with light strokes. It is as if rinsing its branches in a small forest lake, which is so clean that you can even see the reflection of the clouds.

The fading of nature is already slightly noticeable, but it still does not prevail… With such an unusual harmony of autumn colors, the painting “Swamp in the Forest” resembles a romantic autumn fairy tale, a little bit sad, but at the same time very elegant and colorful. And the autumn fire made of bright red trees in the very center of the picture against the background of withering grass and falling foliage, especially in the middle of a stormy, anxious sky, as if they say that it’s not so sad. And the sun, for sure, will soon illuminate the earth with bright rays, because the thunderstorm, no matter how strong, is a temporary phenomenon. But after it, as a rule, a sharp renewal occurs in nature. Many people like this picture

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