Description of the painting by Sylvester Feodosevich Shchedrin “View of Sorrento near Naples”

Description of the painting by Sylvester Feodosevich Shchedrin View of Sorrento near Naples

Sylvester Shchedrin, growing up in a family of artists, decided to follow in the footsteps of his ancestors and devote his life to drawing. The most realistic transfer of natural motifs, which contains the author’s feelings and impression of the spectacle, became the main task of Sylvestre Shchedrin. A visit to Naples helped the artist to feel the beauty of this region and breathed inspiration into it.

The image is drawn in diffused light, so that all elements of nature are as if shrouded in air and located even closer to the person. Unity and harmony with nature is transmitted due to the soft supply of the picture lighting. The high rocky shore in the right part of the picture has a lot of living space, so it creates the feeling of a cozy closed box on the shore of the beautiful sea.

Trees grow right on the rock, from the ground itself, stepping up to the top of the rock higher and higher, as if trying to devour

it. A massive dark rock creates stunning contrast with a soft sky made in light blue light. The open surface of the water complements the composition and its flavor, containing in addition to the traditional blue color a shade of ocher and celadon. In the distant part of the composition one can see a large rocky coast, made in gentle shades of blue and green, so with the help of color, the location of the island becomes obvious.

On the sandy shore can be seen a group of people enthusiastically leading the conversation. Men’s clothing has a red color that serves as a contrast to the image, thereby enriching its color palette. In the water, you can discern the figures of two fishermen with rods, standing with his back to the viewer. The ship with a group of passengers, straightening the sails of the mechanism, is also remarkable. Near the rocky shore you can see the darkened silhouette of the boat, and the other ship is depicted in the back of the canvas, sailing away into the distance towards the new shores.

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Description of the painting by Sylvester Feodosevich Shchedrin “View of Sorrento near Naples”