Description of the painting by Salvador Dali “Boat”

Description of the painting by Salvador Dali Boat

Spanish famous artist Salvador Dali was born in 1904. Possessing an extraordinary gift for drawing, he began to attend the municipal art school of visual arts. One of the early works of the artist is the painting “Boat”, written by him at the age

Dali spends most of his youth in a family house near the sea with a port in Cadaqués. Accordingly, the communication of a young boy, having a rich imagination, with local workers and fishermen, influences his talent and becomes a prerequisite for the embodiment of paintings with interlocking content of sea and sailing boats.

The picture shows a boat, or rather a sailboat without sails, swinging on the waves near the rocky shore. Also, this picture can be observed weak gray, yellow and blue colors, which enchantedly attract the viewer’s attention and colorfully convey the play of the sunset or sunrise reflected on the canvas of the sea. This is the highlight of the famous Dali style. On a rocky coast hill, you can see the outlines of a house made in gray-blue, and a sailboat not far from the shore.

Perhaps this is a marina, as other boats swinging on the waves are visible near the sailboat. Peering into the expanse of the sea, on which boats boom, they can see the play of the sunset or sunrise, which play beautifully on its waves, and its shadows unusually twist in the reflection of water.

Looking at the painting “Boat” it is difficult to get your attention for a while. It leaves an impression of impressions on how hard it is to forget the plots and places of childhood, and most importantly express and convey to the viewer all the power of the subconscious imagination. It is possible and not to understand the meaning that this picture carries, but peering into it more and more, the viewer only increases his curiosity towards her. This picture is in a private collection.

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Description of the painting by Salvador Dali “Boat”