Description of the painting by Nikolai Bogdanov-Belsky “New Tale”

Description of the painting by Nikolai Bogdanov Belsky New Tale

Every man has gone out of childhood. So the artist Bogdanov-Belsky, born and raised in the village, who loved his fellow villagers greatly, carried this love through his whole life.

Many Bogdanov-Belsky was known precisely as a “village artist”, but one should not forget that the author was also a renowned painter, one of whose teachers was Repin himself.

This can be traced in his rural themes. Almost all the pictures present different children’s faces. “A New Fairy Tale” is the creation of a young artist, created by him in the first years after the brilliant graduation from the Moscow School.

On the canvas of the master-portrait painter, children who read a book, probably a fairy tale, are captured. The poor situation, the clothes in no way detract from the children’s interest in reading a new book. The artist vividly shows the faces that he deliberately prescribes in detail, very clearly, focusing on colors, but does not overdo it with color. There is no grotesque in the picture; on the contrary, the calmness of the environment emphasizes affection and tenderness towards small village children. It seems that Bogdanov-Belsky nostalgic about his own childhood, although he is still quite young.

Love for the common people is so vividly and sincerely traced in each picture of the author that she could serve as a pretext for the political persecution of Bogdanov-Belsky by the Soviet authorities. He is forced to emigrate abroad with his family, but the artist also actively works in a foreign land and promotes Russian painting.

The painting “New Tale” is one of the most striking in the work of Bogdanov-Belsky as a portrait painter. Currently in storage at the National Art Museum of Minsk.

Bogdanov-Belsky died far from his homeland, they buried him in Berlin at the Russian cemetery.

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