Description of the painting by Leonardo da Vinci “The Annunciation”

Description of the painting by Leonardo da Vinci The Annunciation

Quite a long time lasted disputes about the authorship of this picture. Some experts believed that the “Annunciation” was written by Ghirlandaio, while others believed that the painting was painted by the young Leonardo da Vinci. However, after some time, scientists still came to the conclusion that the “Annunciation” refers to the early works of Da Vinci.

In fact, many of the details of this work are characteristic of the great artist’s work – the carefully traced expressive hands of the Virgin Mary, made with particular precision, the face of the archangel Gabriel, which corresponds to the angel’s face in the “Baptism of Christ” and the landscape in the background, which often depicts Leonardo – All this is characteristic of the paintings of the great artist. It is worth noting that for some reason an unknown author was painting the wings of the Archangel Gabriel, who brought good news. Da Vinci’s records were found, in which it was said that he sketched the wings of an angel from birds, so initially they were much more elegant and proportional to the figure of Gabriel.

After the changes of an unknown artist, the wings began to look more bulky and somewhat grotesque. Features of the great artist are visible and carefully traced folds of clothing of the Virgin Mary and the Archangel Gabriel. Found sketches of the artist indicate that Leonardo diligently studied this skill. Special attention is given to the landscape of the painting, which is visible in the background. In general, Leonardo attached great importance to nature, as he was born and lived in beautiful places. Therefore, picturesque landscapes have always found their place in the paintings of the artist, even in the background, but clearly and colorfully depicted. By the way

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