Description of the painting by Alexander Gerasimov “Wildflowers”

Description of the painting by Alexander Gerasimov Wildflowers

A. M. Gerasimov loved flowers and dedicated many of his works to them. The artist loved all the flowers, without exception, but he felt a special warmth for unusual bouquets. Greenhouse flowers are also reflected in his work, but he gave a special place to field flowers and bouquets made up of the gifts of autumn. One of the bright pictures is the work “Wildflowers”.

The canvas displays all the versatility and wealth of the Russian land. It would seem that completely incompatible representatives of the plant world harmoniously make up the flower arrangement of fantastic beauty. Here, the classic field daisy is combined with bright bells and forbs. One bouquet of incredible size placed in a wooden vessel, and the other – in a small glass container.

Perhaps it should have been one composition, it turned out that there were more flowers. The artist used bright colors, by himself, creating a variegated floral range. Flowers stand in a visible place in the room. A tidy table is laid out with a lace napkin, which indicates the economic nature of the tenants. Seen part of the picture in a gold frame.

With a quick look at the picture you can take it for a mirror. Flowers serve as decoration of the room and harmoniously fit into the interior. The artist shows that ordinary wildflowers can liven up the environment. So realistic the author conveyed the image of flowers, which gives the impression of a picture emitted by an incredible aroma.

The picture is made with neat small strokes, which gives a clear picture, you can even see the small flowers of chamomile. Dark background favors bright colors and emphasizes the diversity of the plant world. The artist conveys the harmony of nature and its beauty. The picture is original and creates a sense of the vastness and spaciousness of the Russian fields, and of Russia itself as a whole.

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