Description of the painting by Alexander Golovin “Still life with phlox”

Description of the painting by Alexander Golovin Still life with phlox

The famous artist Alexander Golovin from his childhood had a special love for flowers. He could contemplate them for hours in greenhouses, studied a variety of forms, and their colors were just captivated by the artist.

Considering the flowers as a real work of art that Mother Nature created, he tried to portray them as much as possible on the canvas. And among the paintings with roses, poppies and lilies, we find still lifes depicting phlox.

One of these canvases is so named by the artist “Still Life with Phloxes”, the main role on which is given exactly to the flower bouquet. A snow-white tablecloth only emphasizes the bright colors of flowers in a glass vase and objects that stand near it.

Phloxes look as if they had just been ripped off just completely spontaneously and placed in a vase without making a bouquet. The artist would like to emphasize the sophistication and beauty of nature’s creation. A luxurious bouquet stands out against a background that is draped with fabric.

The pomp of the bouquet is that the master of the brush painted the phlox of the brush in different colors, they would not look like that. Ordinary flowers from the garden Golovin sketched very accurately and filigree. Among the riot of colors green leaves, which make the overall picture of some kind of harmony.

Such a still-life takes the beholder on a warm day of summer. It seems that, by closing your eyes, you can smell the flowery smell.

Between the phloxes, which look like small stars, stands the wonderfully fancy white-faced fragile porcelain figurine and an elegant little vase.

Despite the fact that the idea of the painting is quite simple, and the composition is laconic, “Still Life with Phloxes” is a real gem of art. Spectators have the opportunity to admire the look of antiques and the riot of colors of the flower bouquet. With this picture, Golovin once again emphasized that still life for him is a laboratory of creativity.

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