Description of the painting by Alexander Gerasimov “After the rain”

Description of the painting by Alexander Gerasimov After the rain

Alexander Mikhailovich Gerasimov, who replaced impressionism with social realism, turned 50 years old in 2013, was, of course, an art historian, laureate and first president (Academy of Art), even “Stalin’s favorite painter” – but he always remained just a great master. Great Artist. And the attractive picture “After the Rain” convinces of this.

Although, at first glance, it does not depict anything unusual summer veranda simple, not at all “government” problem. The artist uses mostly dark shades of green and brown – the rain has passed, but the greens outside the window have become wet, soaked and darkened, soaked with moisture from oblique streams of rain, floor, railings and even a table on the summer veranda left with the doors and windows open. Outside the window, the wall darkened by rain, thick, almost “black” bushes depresses. But it was not for nothing that Gerasimov began with impressionism – a bouquet in a glass jug plays a big role in his picture, if it were not for the bright, vibrant spots of flowers, the brightness of the jug, the picture as a whole would have left a sad feeling, the impression: “Well, summer is over, now these rains will charge for a long time! “.

Despite the bright sun peeking out, the picture would be sad. But flowers – and this is the skill of the Artist! – they change this feeling almost to the opposite: “The rain has passed? But what a freshness in the air, what a strong fragrance from flowers! How everything shines in the sun! “And such an effect is achieved with a minimum of artistic means – just something! – in three colors, glitter of a jug, play of light on the glass faces of a glass lying on the table. The picture proves that A. M. Gerasimov long after the “official” break with impressionism used the technique and some artistic techniques of this direction of painting. As it would be nice if he would continue to paint in this style, the painting “After the Rain” is more alive than all the “leaders” from the paintings of the author.

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