Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov “Portrait of Gogol”

Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov Portrait of Gogol

The famous “Portrait of Gogol” was written by the author Alexander Ivanovich Ivanov in 1841. The picture is painted using canvas and oil, size 14×13. Currently, the picture is stored in the State Museum of St. Petersburg. The famous painter working in the genre of historical paintings.

Portrait of N. In Gogol, one of the few portraits that Ivanov wrote. By writing a portrait of the artist approached with special awe and diligence. Ivanov respected and honored Gogol, for a long time he looked closely at the appearance of Nikolai Vasilyevich. Contemporaries are of the opinion that the portrait of Gogol, written by Ivanov, is the true lifetime image of the poet. The portrait was commissioned by Zhukovsky. The author of the work decided to write a work not from life, but from portraits, which he had previously written himself.

The artist is easy to write a portrait, he catches the finest details, depicting them on canvas. The portrait, written by Ivanov is considered one of the most successful portreers of the poet, he not only conveyed the similarity, but also showed the psychological state of the poet. The image is made by bust, placed in an oval frame. Gogol is wearing a robe of a bright red color, from under which you can see a white shirt. The poet is depicted in a thoughtful, intense and at the same time supportive manner. In his face one can see thoughtfulness and sadness. There are no unnecessary details that would distract the viewer from the person of Gogol. Stunning similarities, Ivanov very accurately describes the features of the poet. The portrait is painted in restrained tones, a small amount of colors give it austerity and peculiarity, in the image Gogol seems to come to life. Appears before the viewer in everyday clothes,

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