Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov “Vetka”

Description of the painting by Alexander Ivanov Vetka

Alexander Ivanov was an amazingly diverse artist. It so happened that he is known to a wide circle of people, first of all, for his masterpieces on biblical themes. But the work of Ivanov was not limited to this. He knew how to very finely and sincerely paint pictures of nature.

One of these canvases is called “Vetka”. At first glance, it is nothing special. Everything is very simple, unsophisticated. Probably, you need to be a real artist in order to see something in this commonplace that is worthy of being impressed.

On the foreground tree branch. She accidentally “peeps into” the picture, leaving her trunk behind the frame. The thickness of the branches, we can assume that this is a very young, elegant tree. The diagonal of the branch is directed from top to bottom. As a result, the branch with leaves occupies a central place on the canvas. Bright, clear, detailed traced on the branch leaves. For greater realism, the artist uses different shades of green. The main cold-green tone is diluted with yellow and dark green shades.

The background of the picture is only marked, but not drawn clearly enough. This is a kind of decoration, the general background. He does not distract the viewer’s attention from the contemplation of a tree branch, the main object of the composition. For the background used shades of blue and lilac. This gives the picture freshness and mystery. It seems that everything is lost in the fog, in the mysterious morning haze.

The background of the picture is divided into two parts by the horizon line. But this division is not strictly horizontal. The picture shows the perspective, space and aspiration into the distance. In the pale yellow glow of the sky, the presence of the sun is guessed. Very soon it will rise and everything around will turn bright, juicy, summer colors. In the meantime, nothing breaks the transparent cool of the early morning.

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