Description of the painting by Ilya Glazunov “The contribution of the peoples of the USSR to world culture and civilization”

Description of the painting by Ilya Glazunov The contribution of the peoples of the USSR to world culture and civilization

The UNESCO World Organization presented the idea of creating this painting to the famous artist Glazunov. Of course, such an honor and recognition of him on the world stage greatly flattered the artist’s talent, but the task he faced was far from being easy. How one could express in one picture all the brightest cultural values of the Russian people, which were gathered for centuries and bit by bit, and, moreover, each of them deserves a separate canvas, which would have been depicted with all the details, and perhaps not one.

In this picture alone it was necessary to include a reflection of the culture of the entire multinational country of the Soviets, while capturing their centuries-old cultural stratum.

The canvas resembles a collage. Every detail of it – its own special story, its own special contribution. Between themselves, they do not unite in a single semantic composition. Rather, they resemble some passages, which is fully consistent with the nature of the picture and its main idea.

In the center of the picture close-up Alexander Pushkin. His image is immediately striking. The artist thus emphasized the significance and power of Pushkin in his contribution to Russian and world culture. We cannot but agree that Pushkin is really our everything. His bust is depicted more coarsely in relation to other characters.

Immediately after Pushkin, Dostoevsky is guessed. His image is also traced quite large and detailed. On the right side of the canvas, we can also notice the notorious Gogol and Lomonosov, as well as many other great writers and artists. In the corner of the right side of the picture – the most ancient culture of Russia. All periodicals of cultural formation are depicted on canvas in chronological order from left to right.

The beginning of its course and the development of culture takes from Kievan Rus and iconography. Next – the church and a monument to Yuri Dolgoruky, the founder of Moscow. Then in the background we can contemplate the view of the Neva – right behind Pushkin is the beautiful St. Petersburg, the northern capital. On the left, the most modern representatives of the Russian culture are already here, including Chekhov and Blok. Behind them is the Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin. And in the upper left corner is Yuri Gagarin, who opened space for us.

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