Description of the painting by Vasily Baksheev “Life Prose”

Description of the painting by Vasily Baksheev Life Prose

Vasily Baksheev’s picture “Life Prose” is distinguished by subtle psychologism and high emotional tension. Among the landscapes and portrait works, it occupies a special place. At first glance, the viewer witnesses a family drama, a conflict of two generations.

The tone of the moralizing conversation is touched by a man, perhaps the head of the family. He is distinguished by strong-willed facial features, a stern look and a closed posture. The manner of holding symbolizes the power and inviolability of traditional views. The girl in the foreground is clearly not happy with the decision of the father. She pulled away from the argument and looks out the window, demonstrating disobedience. The face of the mother is difficult to see, we see it, as if through tears. What is the heroine angered the older generation? – a question for the viewer. Perhaps the tip lies in the name of the picture. Quarrels in this house have become commonplace and the prose of life. The girl is young and waiting for changes in life, but they are in no hurry to come.

The conflict develops in an apartment setting of the late nineteenth – early twentieth century. The family lives in the city, but a samovar and an embroidered tablecloth tell about the traditional lifestyle. The most attentive will see the artist’s easel in the mirror reflection. The rift we see with his eyes.

“Worldly Prose” is a canvas about human relationships. Love, anxiety for the fate of loved ones, parental care and unshared personal interests. Most often, they become a cause for a quarrel. On the canvas there are no right and guilty ones; perhaps this is exactly what Vasily Baksheev wanted to say with his work.

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