Description of the painting by Ilya Glazunov “My life”

Description of the painting by Ilya Glazunov My life

Paintings Glazunov different from other writing styles. They embody a plurality of different details of time, events that have ever happened. Pictures of Glazunov – a kind of collage, chronological passages.

The painting “My life” tells us about the life of the artist, about his fate, about the events that took place and of particular importance in his career, were important for his family and for him personally. Before us is the whole soul of the artist, all his thoughts and memories. Through the entire canvas there passes the thread of the artist’s indestructible love for Russia, his faith in the unshakable strength of the Motherland. Just at the time of writing his picture, he also was engaged in writing an autobiographical book. The words of his book are closely intertwined with the plot underlying the picture.

In the left part of the picture the artist depicted the key moments of his life, which are connected with his living in the northern capital. Petersburg was and remains for him the Motherland – there he was born, survived the blockade of Leningrad. Alas, none of his family could not survive the blockade.

The fresco “Aurora” – the memory of learning Glazunov in art school. In the same place, in the alma mater, the artist met the love of his whole life – his wife, a number of images in the left part of the picture is associated primarily with her. The children of the artist were not ignored either – the scene of home evening is depicted reading books.

From the left part of the picture, the author separates us with a column of smoke – this is a peculiar reference to the era of socialism. In the center – the emblem of Russia, which for Glazunov with his love for the Motherland means too much. On the right you can see an endless staircase that goes somewhere very high. This ladder symbolizes the path to God, to faith, to the spiritual. But there is nobody on this staircase…

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