Description of the painting by Irina Shevandronova “On the terrace”

Description of the painting by Irina Shevandronova On the terrace

In the center of the canvas depicts a young man reading a book. The plot of the work does not impress with its complexity and ornateness, but one should not consider it too simple. The color palette of the image causes the most pleasant emotions, it makes you look into the picture, study it and enjoy the beautiful spectacle.

The main character is a young man carefully reading a book. His gaze is serious and focused on history.

Looking at his concentrated expression of the face, immediately there is a desire to get acquainted with what the young man is reading. Maybe he reads something scientific that causes controversy in his head, or the guy is a romantic and a connoisseur of fiction. The question will remain unresolved, which means that the viewer has a wide scope for imagination. Reddish hair gleams in the sun, and the guy preferred to wear a light shirt.

Judging by the fact that the torso is bare, and the sleeves of the shirt are rolled up, the day is hot. The back of the main character rests on a wooden beam, while the legs of the guy rests on another beam. In the background there is abundant vegetation, so the green branches of the trees come into contact with high, wriggling plants. Ordinary branches dilute bluish inclusions, perfectly in harmony with the guy’s clothes of bluish shades. The predominance of green, blue and yellow shades plays a big role in creating a beautiful landscape of a peaceful summer day, full of harmony and natural beauty.

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