Description of the painting by Sergei Ivanov “Knitting”

Description of the painting by Sergei Ivanov Knitting

Ivanov depicts a girl who is completely absorbed in work. She enthusiastically knits. The viewer sees a young woman who is really beautiful. Her features are correct.

The pretty face is framed with light curly hair. The head of the girl is slightly inclined, her eyes are lowered. In the hands of her some thing that she concentrated knits. The girl has a traditional loose-fitting blouse and a long brown skirt, traditional for simple women of the late 19th early 20th century. We can see one leg, which is slightly extended from under the hem.

A girl sits in a corner of a simply furnished room. She works for an elegant desk with carved legs. Nearby you can see a stool, which is used to ensure that the feet of the skilled worker do not get tired. Right behind the girl on the right is the window. Daylight penetrates the room through it. The walls and the floor are unattractive enough.

The artist deliberately emphasizes faded paint and bare plaster. On the wall we see a picture in shades of brown. It depicts a man busy reading a book. The composition of this picture repeats the composition of the canvas as a whole. The figure is almost depicted in the same position, but only mirror.

We feel that the artist is lovingly observing the masterwork of this simple girl. She is the main character in the picture. Orlovsky admires the beauty of this woman. He is attracted by the beauty and special charm of the heroine.

At the same time, its origin is completely unimportant. A simple girl engaged in knitting is much more beautiful than ladies. The artist understands this and masterfully conveys his attitude to the heroine to all viewers.

The special skill of Orlovsky impresses. His picture is dominated by warm colors, with the help of which a truly joyful mood is created. The girl’s blouse and the thing that lies carelessly on the floor to the left are light spots.

The artist’s creation is realistic and at the same time incredibly magical in its simplicity.

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