Description of the painting by Edward Manet “On the shore”

Description of the painting by Edward Manet On the shore

Edouard Manet – one of the most famous artists, an adherent of impressionism.

The painting “On the Shore” shares with the viewer a sense of calm and presence. The composition is built so that anyone looking at the canvas feels next to the characters.

Before our eyes opens a wonderful seascape. In the foreground a man. He is relaxed, reclining on the sand. The man is dressed in all black, black beret on his head. A thick black beard covers his face. The man’s gaze is directed straight towards the horizon – he is hardly looking for anything concrete. Most likely, his thoughts wander somewhere very far away, and only physically he is here on this shore. Of course, such a landscape can not leave indifferent. Many sailing vessels, light waves – such a view will invariably lead to endless speculations within themselves.

The woman in the foreground is reading a book. The woman is very fat, heavy. She is wearing a gray dress with an apron, with a hood on her head with a veil covering her face and neck. Most likely, this woman is a servant or nanny. It seems that the book they read out loud.

The sky is clear, evoking thoughts of good weather. But there is no feeling that it is warm enough – on the shore, rather cool. An amazing cluster of sailboats – rarely you can find 5 ships at once, the whole frigate.

The sea is calm. Light sea breeze, slowly rolling waves. The sun’s rays heat the sand on the shore. The weather is perfect for a walk.

When you look at this picture, you really want to be there: lie down on the warm sand, listen to a book that a woman in a veil reads out loud, look at the horizon, waves and sailboats for a long time and gradually get into her thoughts, breathing in the fresh sea air.

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