Description of the painting by Edward Munch “Girls on the bridge”

Description of the painting by Edward Munch Girls on the bridge

Munch painted Girls on the Bridge in 1902, during a period of emotionally violent and high productivity of his life. The works of the lyrical artist are in the art gallery, as one of the most powerful by nature paintings. From the picture breathes strength and special power, which is not subject to time or other forces.

The stage of flourishing and development from the girl to the formation of a woman is an irreversible and necessary moment from which the fair sex cannot escape. The artist chose an interesting plot, namely, the bridge on which the girls stand is a connecting link. A girl who undergoes changes, retains a part of her soul, her characteristic trait, which helps her to be unique.

The rich symbolism of the “Girls on the bridge” is associated with Munch’s “frieze of life”, which displays all stages of development, from a young woman, namely from puberty to maturity, as a period full of meaning and mystery. “Girls on the bridge”, this picture continues to study on topics such as sexual arousal and mortality. The images of a group of young women scattered in opposite directions, still connected across the bridge, demonstrate explosive tension.

The artist is trying to show the struggle that is being conducted at this stage in the life of a woman, interprets this cycle of life with a complex device and special sensuality. Women on the bridge, peering into an incomprehensible distance, trying to understand what awaits them after these transformations. If you look at this work, you can see this struggle and tensions. Women at this time on the bridge, after a certain period of time, will no longer be like that. The bridge also symbolizes the merging of something, the meeting, and girls and women get the opportunity to comprehend their essence and leave all the best.

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Description of the painting by Edward Munch “Girls on the bridge”