Description of the painting by Peter Levchenko “Farm”

Description of the painting by Peter Levchenko Farm

Ukrainian painter Peter Levchenko fame brought small landscape paintings. However, during his lifetime the artist did not win wealth and fame. Practically all his life he worked as a drawing teacher at an art school and died in poverty and solitude.

For creativity Levchenko is characterized by amazing inner poetry, lyricism and soulfulness. Carefully and accurately the artist portrayed the Ukrainian nature. Levchenko practically did not use bright colors, he was very good at conveying half tones, put oil on canvas with light, airy, translucent strokes – in most cases, the canvas peeps through the paint.

In addition to landscapes, Levchenko was very passionate about interior compositions. He loved to paint the interior, thoroughly and in detail depicting the smallest details of what he saw. The interiors of the artist turned out more vivid than landscapes. In addition to oil, the artist occasionally used pastel. According to Levchenko’s style, his work is close to modern, however, he has separate features of both impressionism and realism.

The painting “Khutor” depicts everyday rural life, unremarkable, but transmitted with a rare sincerity. The girl in the foreground pens chickens home; faded, as if faded colors give the viewer the opportunity to feel the midday heat, burning grass under their feet. The whitewashed walls of a thatched cottage are also perceptibly heated by the sun; fields in the distance turned yellow. High blue sky creates the illusion of emptiness and freedom; it seems that we hear the lark trilling far above his head and chanting cicadas in the grass.

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