Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Girl on the background of the Persian carpet”

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel Girl on the background of the Persian carpet

The girl on the background of the Persian carpet is one of the beautiful works of the famous artist Mikhail Vrubel.

Before the viewer appears colorful, bright picture. In the center of the canvas is a young girl, she looks like 12-13 years old. The girl has a pronounced eastern nationality, she has dark skin, dark eyes and black thick long hair.

The girl has a bright, colorful satin dress – it is overloaded with color and form, which is typical for most of the Gypsy national clothes. The whole picture is filled with a rather gloomy light – this is due to the fact that due to the violation of the paint drying technique on the canvas with time they darkened and grew dull.

A large and bright Persian carpet hangs behind the girl’s back. It is embroidered with oriental patterns and flowers. The carpet is very large, it has heavy folds to lie on the floor, on which the girl sits.

The girl’s hair is curled, they are not laid in the hair, and easily and freely fall on the shoulders of the child. The girl has dark thick eyebrows and big eyes with thick eyelashes. The girl’s face expresses sadness and fatigue.

There are several heavy strands of pearls on the neck of a child, which twist around a thin young neck in several turns. Under the weight of these beads, the neck seems about to break.

The hands of the child are decorated with expensive large rings and rings with natural stones. Such jewelry is incommensurable with the age of the girl, she looks deliberately luxurious and completely ridiculous.

The girl’s hands are folded so that one of them covers a pink rose – a symbol of love. The hands are crossed on the hips, and the girl’s second hand holds a dagger, richly decorated with precious and semiprecious stones – an inevitable symbol of death. The very same girl is an indisputable symbol of life, like a child, for whom life is still only ahead, as well as a woman, inside of whom a new life once originated.

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