Description paintings Alexei Savrasov “Yard. Winter”

Description paintings Alexei Savrasov Yard. Winter

The peculiarity of the work and creativity of the talented artist Alexei Savrasov was that you can look at each of his paintings for a long time. And it’s not even the fact that people just admired them or looked for hidden meaning in them. The artist simply made his paintings rich in detail. At first, no one will be able to see even half of what the artist depicted in the picture.

The same applies to his work Yard. Winter. After a long viewing, you can see a lot of interesting, unusual and forcing parts to smile, but none of them will fall out of the picture. Also, none of the found details will not scatter the plot of the work. Everything happens the other way around – from every found detail the impression of art is enhanced.

It should be noted that Savrasov, as an artist and as a Russian, is well versed and loves the province very much. In order to portray the picture as plausibly as possible, for a long time he studied the most ordinary and unremarkable places. Therefore, his work went from panoramic preferences to the “intimate” images of ordinary yards and corners. To this Savrasov was a very long time, and the picture Yard. Winter was written mature, versed in what he does, the artist.

In his work, a small-looking courtyard is covered with a large layer of snow cover, as well as the roofs of buildings and houses adjacent to it. Domesticated birds roam on a small heel, which came here not just like that, but for the sake of fresh grain scattered by its mistress. And this idyllic picture looks at a huge, truly rustic window of history at that time. The kennel is visible in the distance, and the entire courtyard area is enclosed with a fence. And this is just what can be seen at the first cursory examination of this artwork.

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