Description of the painting by Alexei Kondratievich Savrasov “Steppe by day (1875)”

Description of the painting by Alexei Kondratievich Savrasov Steppe by day (1875)

If you look at the landscape of Alexei Savrasov, then you can immediately feel the softness of the frozen light, the feeling of indescribable freedom and the even, calm breathing of Russian nature. The history of this painting is such that the artist, touring various Russian and Ukrainian provinces, was inspired by what he saw and wanted to capture it on canvas. The drawing is notable for amazing filigree technique, the lines are incredibly soft and smooth. The wizard uses a perfectly selected palette of colors to convey the magic of light as brightly as possible and to fully reveal its inner harmony.

The picture seems tender, but it does not affect the harmony of the whole composition, but gives it a special charm. The sky is represented by smooth color transitions, which merges into the golden steppe, seeming to be frozen and boundless. The canvas creates a feeling of peace and tranquility, immersing it in a special world that conceals extraordinary magnetism. The overall image of the picture seems to be complete and complete, not a single stroke stands out from the overall composition. At the time when Savrasov created this work, he was already a mature and experienced landscape painter.

This can be understood by the way he portrayed a landscape in which no extra details are observed, and the plot itself has a limited number of elements. One can see a frozen sky, a sprawling steppe, a small channel of water and a few birds in the foreground. But the special technique, which is used by the master, allowed him to create a canvas that attracts the looks and seems interesting. There are hidden moments in the artist’s landscapes in which he tries to express the spirituality and touchingness of living nature. He conveys the most ordinary and simple things, emphasizing and highlighting them with soft colors and a magnificent manner of performance.

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