Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov “Oaks”

Description of the painting by Alexei Savrasov Oaks

Oak, along with white birch trees, is the eternal symbol of the Russian lands. Artist Alexei Savrasov decided to paint the picture “Oaks” almost immediately after graduating from the art school. Despite the fact that the work was done by a very young and unformed master, the handwriting in the future of the famous Russian landscape painter is already visible.

Despite the fact that the work is called “Oaks”, the master’s main goal was not to show us these beautiful, majestic trees, but to convey the spirit and mood of nature. When you look at the picture, you immediately begin to feel the smell of the river flowing between the reeds. This fragrance is known to everyone since childhood, it is native and always evokes pleasant memories.

It is difficult to say what time of day is depicted in the picture. Perhaps it is quite early in the morning, when the first birds just started singing, announcing the early dawn. And perhaps the artist depicts the approaching sunset, during which cicadas and crickets sing so nicely.

In the very center of the work the artist depicted two oaks. These are powerful, tall trees that have been protecting the local nature for many years. Their trunks are completely black, tall. In some places they are covered with juicy greens. The trees are located very close to each other. They have practically grown together, but their intertwined, tangled roots do not prevent trees from growing higher and higher. Oaks are slightly tilted to the right. Perhaps there are often strong winds blowing and trees are trying to hide from the sudden gusts of air. But now everything is quiet and calm.

Nearby flows sluggish river. It is shallow, rather like a trickle, which appears in these places only during the absence of a long drought. The river gently bends around the oaks, creating a small twist near the trees. Around the pond – reeds and shrubs. In the district there are no more trees.

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