Description of the painting by Pavel Chelischeva “Phenomenon”

Description of the painting by Pavel Chelischeva Phenomenon

The artist conceived a grand triptych in America. It had to include three parts: hell, heaven and purgatory. Cloth “Hell” inhabits the mass of characters. If you count, then recruited about 80 heroes.

With all of them the artist must have actually come across. The composition here is in the form of a pyramid. Blue shapes with sharp corners resemble bizarre blocks of ice. They all aspire skyward. This vertex is unreachable.

Directly beneath them is a nondescript yellow earth. She cracked from the sun. But it consists of people’s heads. Below you can see white tents and a funeral scene. All these images could be photographed by a man who has his back to us. It is located on the “layer” of pink color. Representing part of the “universe”. On a blue background you can see children walking with a lively head. This pyramid of hell has a foundation. This is the space of the sea, which is overpopulated with various organisms.

Chelishchev experienced an incredible passion for everything ugly. That is why he creates so many characters that not only surprise, but also shock the audience a little. You can find a huge number of types that hit ugliness. Do not forget the artist to portray himself. In the left corner you can see how he writes another picture.

This creation allows you to imagine surrealism in its mystical perception. Chelishchev put into this creation a huge number of different meanings. And the one who perceives depicted on the canvas, constantly discovers another hidden subtext.

The viewer has the impression that the artist inserts into the picture those meanings that he could see with his additional eye. The common man is not subject to such a panoramic and deep perception of the world. This is some kind of Bosch reality. But Chelishchev’s world is even more awful.

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