Description of the painting by Henri Matisse “Boat”

Description of the painting by Henri Matisse Boat

Matisse portrayed the boat under sail and the reflection that can be seen in the water. At first, no one could understand what is shown here. It got to a funny case. The work of the painter was exhibited in the Museum of New York. Placed it upside down. More than a month passed, and only then the error was eliminated. If one of the attendees had not paid attention to this oversight, then, most likely, the picture would have remained in the wrong position.

The thing is that the picture is absolutely symmetrical only at first glance. If you look closely, you can see the left raised end. That he is quite a schematic image of the nose of the boat, or rather not even the boat itself, but only its sail. At the reflection in the water, the raised end is already missing.

In addition to the sail, Matisse depicted the clouds and the horizon line. These are the very lines of pink color.

The Fauvists, of which Matisse was a

prominent representative, valued color. They completely denied the content. The talent of the artist was expressed in fewer strokes. The work is brilliant in its simplicity.

This creation can wake up fantasy and imagination. The viewer has to think about what the author wanted to say with this picture. She looks like a child’s drawing. But this is only at first glance. In fact, she is brilliant. Most likely, Matisse sought to surprise not only his contemporaries, but also those who would look at his picture in the future. It strikes today. Are there ongoing controversies about what is hidden in this masterpiece? Is it a masterpiece or a regular drawing? How deep is the painter’s perception of the world?

In our opinion, Matisse has achieved his goal. His picture is in the center of heated debate so far. If the creation was not ingenious in its essence, then it would hardly have been spoken about so much for a long time. It is no coincidence that the work of the artist is put on a par with Malevich’s famous “Black Square”.

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Description of the painting by Henri Matisse “Boat”