Description of the painting by Ilya Mashkov “Nude”

Description of the painting by Ilya Mashkov Nude

Ilya Mashkov preferred to paint his paintings in the style of Fauvism, Cubism with giving some notes of individuality that were perfectly combined with the new French trends in art.

Looking at the work “Nude” we see a woman, without a face. Instead, a faceless oval. The woman is naked and holds a towel or sheet in her hands. It seems that the artist found it coming out of the bath, or vice versa, going there. Forms of a woman – complete. When Mashkov painted it, he remained true to his style – the outlines of the figures were written with careless strokes, but quite clear.

The picture is written in the style of Fauvism, which Mashkova inspired Matisse. Fauvists did not use bright colors. Fauvism is the removal from imitation of color painting, this is what gives us color, its result, which can be strong and impressive.

No one has managed to repeat his unification of high art, kitsch, classics and folklore. The painter acted boldly throughout his artistic journey. He managed to get ahead of time, to lose touch with him. In the end, left alone, forgotten friends, he did not realize all this.

A huge influence on him had the work of Cezanne. Mashkov decided to reject the modeling of the forms, all transitions of light and shade. He began to ignore the academic correctness of the picture. For his priority – daring, rightness (in his opinion).

All the work of the author met abruptly. “Naked” was not devoid of attacks, disappointments. However, Mashkov was hard enough to disappoint, on the contrary, it provoked him, he began to be proud of such criticism.

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