Description of the painting by Arseny Meschersky “Caucasus”

Description of the painting by Arseny Meschersky Caucasus

Meschersky created a huge number of magnificent landscapes. Pictures of the artist amaze with extraordinary realism, bright colors. They seem to breathe their own special to anyone unknown, but at the same time distinctive life.

Training Meshchersky in Switzerland is reflected in his creations. But he not only used famous tricks. The artist managed not only to create, but also skillfully develop his style. His landscapes are recognizable and incredibly voluminous.

In this picture Meschersky manages to capture the special beauty of the Caucasus. In the foreground we see a turbulent river. With the help of a special transition of tones, the artist manages to convey the unbridled temper of this river. It seems that soon we will hear how the water boils. The viewer even feels a special movement.

The dark rocks forming this gorge are incredibly picturesque. They are gloomy, but at the same time majestic. On the left we see a lonely towering pine. Striking rich colors that Meshchersky uses to convey the beauty of Caucasian nature. We understand that the artist does not simply depict nature. He loves her and seeks to convey this special feeling to us all.

The blue bottomless sky is covered with light clouds. They are calmly floating. Looking at all this virgin pomp. The Caucasus is famous for its violent temper. And this concerns not only people, but also nature. Meshchersky manages to notice this.

Every landscape Meshcherskogo original. In seemingly simple and completely mundane paintings he sees such that it is impossible to notice for an ordinary person. It is no coincidence that the artist himself considered himself a draftsman of nature. The masterpieces he created are impressive for their grandeur and special look at the natural world.

The artist as if encourages viewers to stop and look at everything around with completely different eyes. Nature is amazing and this is incredibly beautiful.

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