Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel “Mikula Selyaninovich”

Description of the painting by Mikhail Vrubel Mikula Selyaninovich

This magnificent canvas was painted by Vrubel in 1896. It was assumed that it will be exhibited at the industrial exhibition. The creation was previously fully approved by the king. Nevertheless, the commission rejects the work, considering it to be non-fiction. Mamontov rented a special place next to the exhibition and set up a pavilion there, specifically for this panel, and also eight others. Such an event caused an incredible noise.

Vrubel very much loved all the work of the Russian people. All existing legends, epics and legends were incredibly close to him. It was in them that the image of the people was formed, very lyrical, but at the same time powerful. Quite often Vrubel turned to the images of warriors, heroes of wonderful fairy tales and mysterious legends.

On the panel “Mikula Selyaninovich” Mikula appears before the audience. Many bylins of Northern Russia have been composed about this wonderful pahara. Mikula left the plow, and Volga could not even move it. This is the plot of one of the epics. Svyatogor will never catch up with Mikula, although he is walking, and he is riding a horse. Mikula embodied the people’s eternal dream of labor filled with happiness.

Mikula at Vrubel is a simple peasant. The main idea of the painter is that it is Mikula who fully embodies the power of the earth.

Each of Vrubel’s works is incredibly deep and informative. They are absolutely not directly related to the problems of the time. But this isolation in his world of unusual fantasies, which many did not understand, demonstrates Vrubel’s constant desire to find a way out. In all the works felt some brokenness. But the tremendous power of feeling and the highest ideals are also not alien to this master. The viewer does not feel indifference Vrubel to them, rather the opposite. All the artist’s work is imbued with a certain excitement and special romanticism.

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