Description of the painting by Alexander Popov “In the Shadow”

Description of the painting by Alexander Popov In the Shadow

Alexander Popov – a true master. He created magnificent portraits and colorful landscapes. Before the viewer appears Russian nature in all its glory. We see a country road running away. On the left is a bench where you can sit to enjoy the cleanest air. On a hot summer day it is so nice to relax in the shade and listen to the birds singing.

The artist uses all sorts of shades of green. He painted the landscape as lively as possible. It seems that now a light breeze will blow, and the crowns of the trees will slam. Juicy green, yellowish green and brown hues give the whole picture a special vibrancy. The artist does not simply depict nature. We feel that he loves her and tries to convey to the audience his attitude towards her.

Each blade of grass spelled out as clearly as possible. The leaves and branches of the trees are incredibly embossed. The impression of a certain photographic. But while the landscape is so perfect that it seems fabulous. The artist seeks to convey every detail as clearly and clearly as possible. They are all significant. Far from everyone can see the charm of Russian nature. This can only be done by a great master who skillfully uses the brush. The summer sky merges on the horizon with lush green hills. It is light blue. Clouds are invisible, only guessed a small white haze, which gives a special lightness to the whole space. In the picture Popov created a fancy play of light and shadow.

We do not see the sun itself, but it gently warms the earth, illuminating the grass and trees with golden light. The artist did not use gloomy paints. All shades are as cheerful and rich as possible. The audience creates a joyful mood. So I want to go to this quiet corner of nature. It seems that you only need to take a step to be there, in the pleasant shade of a warm summer day.

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