Description of the painting by Arkady Plastov “Spring” (Noon)

Description of the painting by Arkady Plastov Spring (Noon)

Almost all the paintings of Arkady Plastov are devoted to the life of the peasants. We see a woman and a man who went on a motorcycle for a walk. The day was incredibly hot, so it was decided to turn to the spring to freshen up. He was carefully fenced in order to avoid the sludge. Steppe grass sways all around, with enough water on any, even incredibly sultry day.

The man is dressed quite simply: a blue T-shirt, pants and a cap. Most likely, he is an ordinary tractor driver in his village. The woman has a simple white dress and shoes. She took off the shawl and laid it down. Nearby is a motorcycle. Plastov is a true master of genre scenes. Although this picture still can not be fully called a genre, or portrait, or landscape. The painter managed to see the life of man and nature in an unbelievable in his poetic uniform image. The girl’s figure its flexibility, likened to willow. The heroine can not be called a real beauty. But she is beautiful, because incredibly young, the light of the sun is so pure that it is also magnificent. The plot of the picture is extremely simple, but in this it is as complex as possible.

Plastov compares: youth, which is just beginning to gain strength, and the sound of water, which is eternal. The spring symbolizes life and constant renewal. Today you can hardly find such crystal clear springs. Perhaps this is because practically no one uses them, and therefore they are completely unimportant. In the viewer, the picture “Spring” causes quite ambiguous feelings. It conveyed all the beauty of summer, incredibly fresh, sun-drenched days. The painter managed to convey how beautiful and simple life in the village was. All paints used by Plastovy are incredibly light,

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