Description of the painting by Georges Seurat “River Bank”

Description of the painting by Georges Seurat River Bank

The picture was painted in oil in 1884. Seurat wrote this canvas in France. He began working on it in 1883. The style of the canvas is impressionism. Seurat is one of the artists who adored the nature that can be seen in his works. He painted a lot of landscapes, the simple life of people, animals. His canvases are filled with lightness and light.

Another feature of Georges Seurat was that he painted some of his works not on canvas, but on wooden planks. But this is not all artist skills. Seurat searched and dreamed of creating his own individual style and he succeeded in this. He began to draw with the help of color transfer dots.

This style he called pointillism. Separate color dots, each playing its role, but were not visible in the general overview. The river bank was made in France using tempera. The picture is written in strokes that lie one upon another. The artist always said that colors can be controlled. And he succeeded in this, Seurat skillfully conveyed light effects, competently combined colors, which gives the picture a unique color.

Although the canvas and made strokes, but still it looks realistic. The artist was able to portray the watery surface, and the shadows and sun glare reflected in it are very natural. Small waves are created by a light breeze from standing trees on the shore.

The white-blue color of the sky tells us about clouds in the sky, but they were insignificant that day and did not prevent the sun from glistening in the water. Yellow-green trees tell us about the approaching autumn. Bright and juicy tones on the water accurately explain the fact that the day when the artist created this canvas was very sunny.

The picture shows the river Seine. Another feature of this artist was that he wrote only what I saw, prescribing all the details with great care. Creativity Seurat took less than ten years of his life, but he left no small artistic legacy behind him. The painting is in storage at the Museum of New York. USA.

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