Description of the painting by Efim Volkov “Golden Autumn. Silent River

Description of the painting by Efim Volkov Golden Autumn. Silent River

Efim Efimovich Volkov is a Russian painter and landscape painter of the XIX century, the author of many works in which, above all, Russian nature was glorified in all the beauty of its manifestation. When writing paintings, the artist preferred the autumn landscape, finding in it an inexplicable charm, liveliness of colors and colors, which Efim Efimovich lacked so much in the usual dull and ordinary life.

The artist attributed himself to the peredvizhnicheskom movement, popular in the years of his youth, but quickly lost the novelty and interest of the public. Along with interest, Volkov’s admiration as an artist also disappeared, which is why the landscape painter fell into great despondency and spent his last years alone, drawing pictures without stopping.

Cloth “Golden Autumn Silent River” was written in 1893, at the dawn of political events that had the most direct impact on the fate of the artist. The viewer presents a real Russian landscape, which is so rich in the fields and forests of Russia.

The forest river, the banks of which are covered with verdant herbs and wildflowers, birches ready to shed their leaves, the noonday sun reflected in the clear spring water – all this is so close and familiar to the Russian heart. There is nothing more beautiful than this river and this forest, it blows from the picture with something real, there is a desire to push the boundaries and see what is further behind the frame, or, even more desirable, to voluntarily enter the picture and walk along this quiet and calm river.

So you want to collect mushrooms, lie on a carpet of soft and fragrant birch leaves and thank the artist who painted such a wonderful work more than a hundred years ago. Unfortunately, it is almost impossible to meet such beauty in the modern world, because there are so pleasant moments when it is still possible to touch such an incredible perfection.

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Description of the painting by Efim Volkov “Golden Autumn. Silent River