Description of the painting by Nikolay Krymov “River”

Description of the painting by Nikolay Krymov River

Cloth “River” brush Krymov, written in 1926, is the property of the Moscow Tretyakov Gallery. The artist loved to depict the rich landscapes of Russian provinces, filling them with warmth and love for his native nature.

It is as if, being on an elevation, we are looking at a small river, bordered with lush green bushes. This inspiring picture of Krymov brings the observer to a bright, fertile meadow, which inspires joy and optimism.

The gaze opens to a rich, picturesque view to the horizon, hidden behind the lush green forests. To describe the summer nature, many shades of green are used: emerald and jade bushes in the foreground, spring grass of gray-green color and distant trees of cold blue-green, mint and slate-gray color.

In the center of the canvas is a milky-blue riverbed. Above him, the azure sky, overcast. The canvas shows the limitless expanses of the forest at the time of its absolute flowering. Canvas painting master conveys the most subtle aspects of perception of beauty.

There are so many greens that we are not able to capture her gaze completely; instead, we slowly glide along the canvas, trying to examine in detail all its charms. On a large section of the canvas, the artist was able to embody the world of nature, rich in its immaculacy. You can see that in addition to the basic greenish tones, it uses a bit of brown, olive and copper colors. But these tones are written so subtly that it is difficult to notice them among the stormy greenery of the landscape.

Despite the fact that the painter creates his creations with a minimal set of shades, he still manages to convey the fullness and diversity of the summer plein air. The composition is striking in its natural harmony, so uncomplicated and exquisite.

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