Description of the painting by Georges Pierre Seurat “Bridge in Courboy”

Description of the painting by Georges Pierre Seurat Bridge in Courboy


The artist painted the picture for two years, from 1886 to 1887 on canvas in oil. The main difference is the dotted application of the image, which is typical for the work of all impressionists. The picture shows the river Seine, a high bank covered with foliage and overgrown with grass and a bridge across the river. Although the title of the work is “The Bridge in Kurbvua”, however, the main emphasis is placed on it. Only a part of the bridge is visible, and it is located on the middle plane of the picture.

The background is applied with quick and schematic dotted strokes, as can be seen from the picture technique. It depicts a river stretching to the horizon, and a forest belt opens on the verge of the river and the horizon, also depicted in a dotted and schematic manner. The closest plan of the picture shows the river bank. It is drawn in alternating stripes of green and dark gray, sometimes black. Green dotted stripes represent grass and leaves, and gray and black trampled bare areas of land. Also, an image of a tree trunk, slightly bent and forked upward, is extended to the front background.

On the river bank is a man who looks at the water. And in the boat on the river, too, there is a character who stands holding the mast. Both figures produce a deep impression of immobility, they seem to be inanimate. In the distance on the water, literally a few lines of dots, the author showed a boat with a man. However, to see it, you need to take a good look.

The whole spirit of the picture is imbued with immobility, a sense of frozen time. The colors are chosen discreet, dark, even dark. Revitalizes the picture only green grass in the foreground. In general, the impression of calmness, routine, and pacification remains from the picture. Perhaps with a bit of sadness or melancholy. Deep and complete work of the artist, which reflects his state at the time of writing the picture.

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