Description of the painting by Nikolay Krymov “In the forest”

Description of the painting by Nikolay Krymov In the forest

The very first pictures of the young artist Nikolai Krymov made it clear that a city dweller burst into the Russian landscape, who, like no other, can truly appreciate the beauty of nature among city houses and feel the power of space among the transitory hustle and bustle.

Krymov’s small etude, exhibited at the fourteenth city exhibition, was so much liked by the then teacher of the art class that he acquired the painting. The random construction of compositions creates the impression of frames from a film or photo, and the softness of colors in Krymov’s works resembles pictures from a dream. This work of twenty-two-year-old Krymov was also appreciated by other artists, and later it was decided to purchase it for the museum of the Tretyakov Gallery.

Today, in our bustling time of technical progress, looking at the works of Krymov, where all the beauty of the surrounding nature and the fascinating silence of the transparent warm day “In the Forest” are accurately conveyed, you sincerely regret that now you can hardly find such a motive. In this picture, as in many works of Krymov, the love for nature is vividly expressed, which one wants to admire forever.

The artist beautifully conveys the significance of the sun through illuminated and unlit surfaces. In the artist’s picture there is not a single character, but despite this, the viewer feels a powerful chorus of nature, glorifying life and love in all its manifestations. This canvas does not require the main person, it is beautiful in its simplicity and completeness. Beautiful in the community of nature, which is the main character. The man here is clearly superfluous.

The clarity and simplicity of the picture is so harmonious that it makes one think about the significance of not life, but being, in order to preserve those wonders that nature has given us and which, in our time, unfortunately, are so rarely seen in the chaos of big houses and cities.

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