Description of the painting by Mikhail Nesterov “On the mountains”

Description of the painting by Mikhail Nesterov On the mountains

Mikhail Nesterov is known for his religious painting. He studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts, and later joined the union of artists.

On the mountain is a woman. Below the river flows, which personifies the human beginning. Her gaze is mysterious and directed into the distance. She is wearing a dark sundress to toe, a white jacket and a white scarf. And in a slightly raised beautiful hand holds a bouquet of flowers. It seems that she leads a silent conversation. She enjoys the beautiful scenery. Standing on the mountain, it opens up the magnificent nature of those edges. And her soul suffers. It feels something deeply hidden, secret.

The artist depicted the inner world of the girl – a sensitive, deep and feminine soul. Summer nature is especially amazing and beautiful. The sky is light purple, so low and deep. The meadow is covered with green grass, wild flowers and trees grow. In the distance you can see a large forest. Nature seemed to have calmed down. In this picture, man and nature are represented as one.

The idea of ​​the painting “On the Mountains” arose in Nesterov after reading the novels of Melnikov-Pechersky. It described in detail the life of the Nizhny Novgorod merchants, the Old Believers. Perhaps he portrayed the moment before the departure of one of the heroines in the monastery. The girl understands that she has been tonsured, pronouncing the precepts, dressing in a robe and monastic life. Stand the test of seclusion and loneliness is not so easy. But she deliberately takes this step.

The colors on the cards are a little pale. The green color that prevails in this picture helps us to unite with nature. The black color of the girl’s dress conceals the depression and emptiness. But at the same time, the white elements on the clothes symbolize openness, unity with nature and lightness. The artist thoroughly painted every flower, every grass and tree.

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